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Athlete - Comedian- Film Director Etc.


Born April 2nd 1998

Growing up i was always the kids that would be hated on because i was a "Cool Kid", at an early age my Mother installed having a Leadership mentality in me and it soon became reality. Being a leader does not just mean lead people you have to lead the RIGHT example and also show examples so people will follow. DO EVERYTHING YOU SAY YOUR GOING TO DO! FOLLOW GOD AND ALLOW HIM TO LEAD YOU. learn how to listen and not only give instruction by follow instructions and you will become victorious in this world. 

What I Represent is Leadership , Loyalty , Family & Hustle mentality. When you wear XJC Apparel you stand for/Represent all of these characteristics  because you are a leader. Our Slogan "Get It Done" shows no matter what trials come up in your life fight through it and Get It Done. Do not follow the crowd let the crowd follow you!

Founded 2020

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